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  • Tirupur Sikaram Charitable Trust
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Welcome To Tirupur Sikaram Charitable Trust

The Trust is philanthropic and desirous of carrying on charitable activities to aid, organize activities having the objects of relief to poor, handicapped and the under privileged, education and medical relief, support for orphans' last rites, sports aid to the poor children and interested in preservation of green environment and any other object of general public utility on non-profit motive and for the purpose, desirous of forming a Trust.

The Trust may establish, build, maintain and run, improve and extend and to aid in the establishment, building, maintenance, acquisition and running of hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, maternity homes, educational institutions of every art / science/ engineering / medical, sanatorium and dispensaries, poor homes working women hostel and to provide medical aid and render financial assistance to any such institutions, as well afford treatment, cure, rest recuperation and other advantages for the sick and the suffering general public.

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